Educating a Child at Home

Over the last decade more and more people are making efforts to either teach their children at home or providing resources that can complement the teaching at school. The active participation of parent in their children learning and studying activities has resulted into not only better grades but also better overall learning experience.

Some of the Things that Keep People Away from Teaching their Kids

You don’t need to be professional teacher

Parents who wants to educate child at home don’t need to highly professional teachers but people from every walk of life can do so with proper resources and better understanding of child.

“Special education”

Even though the child don’t have to closely follow national curriculum at home but still it is advisable to keep it close as the curriculum is made keeping the need of learning at a particular age.

Parents can play extensive role in education of a child with special needs.

Many a times under formal school structure children with special needs are either left out or made to feel inadequate. This can be easily rectified with increased endeavor from parents and customized learning resources.

Teaching as per child’s needs and time

The rules regarding notification of home education for children are different in different countries so parents can follow the rule in their respective countries. In United States and United Kingdom, even though no special permission is required but parents have to notify about home schooling of their children to the local school. Parents don’t need to follow school hours and other routine and children can learn as per the body clock and convenience. If your child is most active at 4 PM then you can make the study plan as per his/ her body clock.

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